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RGB | DMC5018 | 5018 / DMC-5018
RGB 5018, Stylus 3D Ready HDMI Cable (1.8m)
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High Speed 1080p+ HDMI cable with ethernet

48 Bit Deep Colour Technology

3D TV Compatible stereo 1080p image resolution

Minimalist ethernet channel for connecting Internet-enabled AV devices in a single cable

19 pin male to male


Supports 4000 x 2000 image resolutions (@ 24hz)

Increased colour profile support for digital devices

24K Gold-Plated contacts for superior signal transfer

Braided pure copper oxygen free outer shielding and aluminium foil inner shielding for protection against external electrical and radio signal interference

Digital interlink discrete cable

Precision engineered for the latest generation of full HD devices

Audio return channel

Ultimate high speed 1000 (15.8gbps)

Pristine source signal

Lifetime warranty