About Beko UK

Beko, one of the leading home appliance brands in the UK, has been operating in the UK & Ireland since 1990 and have sold over 30 million appliances in the UK. 

Designed to make your life easier thanks to super-fast programmes and energy saving technology - Beko delivers exceptional value for money, providing smart, innovative and energy efficient home appliances.

The Beko Range

At Beko, we understand the everyday needs people have. Our aim is to make everyday life easier through our range of helpful products, so that you have more time to do the things you love. Keeping up with the latest styles and packed with innovative technologies, there is an appliance for every home within the Beko range.

Appliances With ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology

Our range of washing machines, washer dryers & dishwashers with ProSmart™ Inverter Motor Technology help you keep the costs & noise down.

Stay worry-free and keep costs down knowing your appliance is powered by our ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology. We understand how important getting peace of mind is to you, that's why we've developed our laundry appliances and dishwasher range, from washing machines and washer dryers to full size dishwashers, with higher energy efficiency as well as operation that can last the test of time.

Frost Free Freezers That Don't Need Defrosting

Spending hours defrosting your freezer after ice has been left to build-up can be frustrating. Our refrigeration range offers Frost Free freezers and fridge freezers which prevent ice from building up in the freezer so you won’t need to spend time and effort defrosting it yourself.

Our Frost Free technology uses a system which prevents ice from building up in the freezer. Each time you open your freezer door, warm air enters it. Thanks to Frost Free technology, an automatic fan removes the warm air before it has a chance to condense into water and freeze into ice, leaving no chance for any ice to build up and ensuring your freezer will stay frost free.