Hollywood To Your Home

Panasonic's high-end 4K Pro HDR televisions are designed to deliver picture quality accurate to the filmmaker's original vision. They combine Panasonic's cutting-edge Studio Colour HCX²processor with professional quality colour management technology and wide colour range displays to capture every nuance of the original film.

4K UHD TVs can deliver four times as much resolution as Full HD TVs, letting you enjoy pictures with far more detail, texture, depth and colour definition. Many describe the 4K effect as more like looking through a window than watching a screen. The arrival of 4K alongside High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology means Panasonic can get closer than ever before to its guiding principle of recreating TV pictures that look true to the vision of the film-maker – especially when you add Panasonic’s 4K PRO technology to the equation.

This combines a new professional-grade Studio Colour HCX² processing engine (which improves colour, contrast and brightness/lighting control to a level that approaches professional studio monitors) with tuning straight from Hollywood and new custom-made Wide Colour Spectrum panels to deliver pictures that really do look exactly as their creators intended them to look.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled televisions deliver images much closer to the way your eyes actually see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television - unless it's one of Panasonic's Premium HDR screens with their industry-leading brightness.

Award-winning cinematographer Vanja Cernjul, who helped bring the Netflix original series Marco Polo and Orange Is The New Black to life on screen for millions of viewers worldwide, has worked with Panasonic to shoot and direct a cinematic short film exploring the way Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Premium TVs aithfully reproduce the director’s vision: “When I first utilised the power of HDR, the first thing that amazed me was how much detail I could see. In a single scene I could now retain highlights in a fire and detail in the shadows. The control is simply stunning.