SONY WHCH520L Sony WHCH520L CE7 Wireless Headphones - Blue

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Sony WHCH520L CE7 Wireless Headphones - Blue


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SONY WHCH520L Sony WHCH520L CE7 Wireless Headphones - Blue


  • SONY WHCH520 Wireless Headphones – Blue
  • Your music, exactly how you want it - Customize the sound to your liking by selecting from a number of presets that fit the sound quality to the type of music you are listening to. Alternatively, you can use the Sony Headphones Connect app EQ Custom function to make and save your own pre-sets.
  • Make your music more natural – When original music is compressed, the high-frequency components that lend depth and richness to a recording are lost. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) accurately restores these to create high-quality sound that is more accurate to the original audio.
  • 360 Reality Audio certified headphones – Optimize your experience by analysing your unique ear shape with 360 Reality Audio certified headphones and the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and enjoy the ultimate immersive audio experience.
  • Stay powered up for days – With a battery life of up to 50 hours, you can listen to your favourite songs without fretting about running out of juice. In addition, if your headphones battery is getting low, a 3-minute quick-charge can provide you with 1.5 hours of hearing time.
  • Enjoy all day comfort – You can find your ideal fit and remain relaxed for longer with an adjustable headband, plush earpads, and lightweight design.
  • Easy hands-free calling – Answer conversations with a single press of the earcup buttons, eliminating the need to remove your phone from your pocket.
  • Built-in mic for clearer calls – The WH-CH520 lowers ambient noise during conversations with a high-quality built-in microphone and noise suppression processing, allowing you to make clear calls even in busy settings.
  • Not only for listening to music – Your headphones will provide high-quality sound output whether you are listening to music, taking an online lesson, or working from home.
  • Multipoint connection – These Bluetooth® headphones can be connected with two Bluetooth devices at the same time for maximum ease. When a contact comes in, your headphones recognise which device is ringing and instantly connect to the correct one.
  • Fast Pair – The WH-CH520 allows fast and easy Bluetooth pairing with your Android devices with a single tap. You can even go back and see where you last put it.
  • Easy pairing with your computer – Swift Pair makes pairing your headphones with your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop Computer, or smartphone fast and simple. When pairing mode is chosen, a pop-up coupling guide shows on adjacent Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.
  • easy-to-use buttons – A simple set of buttons allows you to manage your headphones, allowing you to play, pause, or skip through your songs while also adjusting the level with a touch of your finger.
  • Voice control – Press the voice button to get assistance from Google or Siri to do things like play your favourite music, email and contact, get fast responses, and manage your schedule and reminders without having to halt what you are doing.
  • Select the colour that suits your style – With an option of black, blue, white, or beige, you can experience soft texture and quality in whichever colour you prefer.
  • Take your music wherever you go – The headphones small, lightweight design and swivel earcups make them the ideal partner for all of your trips.
  • Sustainability in mind – Our goods are not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. The WH-CH520 headphones are made of recycled plastic. Furthermore, no plastic is used in the particular packing. Sony commitment to reducing the environmental effect of our goods and methods is reflected in these headphones.
  • Also known as WHCH520L

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